Admissions and Fees Policy


To ensure that there is a fair procedure in place for offering places.
To ensure families have clear information regarding the admissions and fee’s process.

Admissions Policy

This setting is open to any child living in the surrounding area or whose parents/carers work or study in the surrounding area.
No child shall receive less favourable treatment on   grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious belief or disability.

Where places exist they will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Where places do not exist then a waiting list will be operated, this waiting list will be kept and administered by staff.

The Management Committee may decide priorities for the waiting list. These could be:

    • Children already attending the setting
    • Siblings of children already attending
    • Children of staff working at the nursery
    • Children of working/ training parents
    • Social Service referrals

For a child to attend the setting, they must be aged between 0 – 5 years old. Parents/carers must have completed and signed an up to date registration form. These must be completed annually.

If additional support is required for a child to attend the setting, eg a support worker or if a child has medication needs, the nursery will work with the parents/ carers and other relevant professionals prior to admission and will aim to accommodate individual needs.

Please be informed that we can only hold your child’s place for a maximum of six weeks before they start. If your child has not started nursery before the six weeks from when you registered your child, then their place will be offered to another child.

Opening Hours and Days:

The nursery opens Monday to Friday all year round except bank holidays and two weeks break during Christmas.

Sessions times:

The nursery operates two sessions daily which are:

Full day sessions, between 8am and 6pm.

Half day sessions: this could be morning sessions of 8am to 1pm or afternoon sessions of 1pm to 6pm.

Government Free funded Hours Sessions:

The nursery accepts children for government free funded hours. The government free funded hours could be used by the children either during term-time or all year-round. The nursery operates both in term-time(15hours/week) and all year-round(12hours/week).We also accept 15free extended government free funded hours .Parents are free to choose which of the terms suit them. Furthermore, nursery accepts children whose parents want them to do extra hours in addition to government free funded hours. The decision as to how many additional hours or government funded free hours a child can do in our nursery is at the liberty of the parents.


How to apply online for the extended hours:

Please visit:


Fees Policy

The non-refundable registration fee of £20 must be paid to secure your child’s place at the nursery. Children doing government funded free hours are exempted from paying registration fee unless they will be doing additional hours.

Similarly, a refundable deposit of £100 is paid by the parents except children receiving government free funded hours. The deposit will be paid back when the child leaves the nursery. Unfortunately the deposit may not be fully paid if there is an outstanding payment that needs to be settled by the parents. In such situation part of the deposit maybe used to off-set the debt. Furthermore, the deposit may not be paid if the parents fail to give us at least 1month notice before withdrawing the child from the nursery.

Except in life changing circumstances, parents whose children are receiving government free funded hours must give the nursery at least one month  notice before withdrawing their children, otherwise the nursery  reserves the right to  refuse the funding to be reallocated to another provider until the end of the term.

Our payment method is, paying for the hours your child will attend a month in advance on the first day of every month, excluding bank holiday Monday in which case the amount should be paid on the following day- Tuesday. This should be paid directly into the nursery account.

Natwest Bank
Sort Code: 600727
Account Number: 45126267

Your child will not be able to start nursery until you have paid a month in advance. When your child starts the nursery you will receive an invoice stating what days your child will be attending and what hours.

If your child attends nursery for extra hours then you will be invoiced for the extra hours at the end of the month and payment will be expected within two weeks of receiving the invoice. The frequency of our invoicing is monthly except there is a special arrangement with parents.

If the parent/career is a student and the college are paying for the nursery fee’s then we will accept a cheque termly from the college. However please remember that they will pay in accordance to your attendance and only during term time. If your child does any extra hours or comes in to nursery during the holidays then it would be your responsibility to pay for these hours and you will receive an invoice.

If a payment has not been made the management team will ask you to come in and talk with us, management can withdraw your child’s place if they feel it is necessary.



Our charges depend on the sessions and number of extra hours a child attends our nursery. The cost of lunch and extra nappies/sundries will also affect the final fee for the child. Please see the manager for current rate of our fee charges and any other necessary details.

If a child is collected late then the parent/career may have to pay a late collection fee of £10 every 15 minutes. This is at management’s discretion depending on circumstances. Please be aware that this is due to insurance only covering us until 6pm and staff only get paid until 6pm.


Tax Free Childcare:

The nursery receives childcare vouchers. Please contact the manager for details.


Appeals Process:

If parent has a complain about any aspect of our delivery of the free hours, they can contact Bristol City Council for further discussion or email family information service on: or call 08451297217.