Our friendly and professional staff are the heart of Honey Tots Day Nursery. The fantastic thing about children is that every child is unique, and we love it! All children in our care are special to us. We want to get to know you and your child really well so that your child feels cared for, secure and happy and you feel confident and relaxed leaving him or her in our care. Our staff are dedicated to providing the highest standards and commitments to safety, development and wellbeing to each child in their care.

We encourage our children to learn by active play and exploring. Whichever way your child learns best, our staff will help them to develop the skills that they need while having fun at the same time.

Our staff receive training in child protection (safeguarding), first aid, food hygiene, behaviour management and risk assessment. These qualifications are renewed on an ongoing basis. We also deliver training in-house on our policies and procedures and aspects of children’s learning and development.

Our Set up

The children are separated into 3 age groups occupying a spacious open plan play room with a Group leader and key workers for each age group, ensuring continuity of care and a sense of security for the children.

Staffing Ratios

3 months – 23 months – Babies 1:3
2 – 3 years – Toddlers 1:4
4 – 5 years – Pre school 1:8

Baby Area
Our baby area is filled with love, hugs and cuddles. It is a safe, secure and cosy environment, with plenty of space for the babies to learn and explore. When your baby first starts nursery we will work very closely with you to ensure that your baby’s home routine is followed ensuring a gentle transmission from home to nursery.

Our staff offer opportunities for the babies to progress and learn at their own pace, which enables them to grow in confidence. During naptime we use gentle lighting and soothing music to assist in getting your baby to sleep.

We keep you informed about your baby’s day both verbally and with a daily diary sheet. You are welcome to call the nursery during the day if you wish to check on your baby.

Toddler Area
Our toddler area provides a fun and stimulating playing and learning environment. We do various activities which allows children to develop at the own pace while playing safely. Our toddlers are encouraged to be as independent as possible. We encourage potty training when they are ready, positive behaviour and promote children to express themselves through language.


Pre-School Area
We introduce our pre-schoolers to a more structured approach to learning. The aim is to prepare the children for school and for them to develop a love for lifelong learning. By the time our pre-schoolers graduate they will be happy, motivated, independent, confident, and friendly individuals. All qualities we hope will assist with the transition to big school.

Learning & Development

Each child will be assigned a keyworker. To make sure your child has the support they need, this staff member will work to build a solid relationship with your child and you. When you join our nursery your child’s keyworker will meet you and your child and get to know you. She will ask you to share information about your child that will help us to care for your child as you would want. Your child’s key worker will help your child become familiar with the nursery, our staff and other children - and to settle into the nursery.

Our keyworkers keep development files for each child. These files record development in the six areas of learning, Personal and Social and Emotional development, Communication, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Creative, Physical and Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Additionally, the files will contain examples of children’s work, photographs, and observation which parents can also contribute to. The files are updated each term and are given to parents when their child leaves Honey Tots Day Nursery.